New Apple Nano and Touch and an iTunes Upgrade

10:36 PT - DM: Steve is loading up Iron Man, which is isn't actually out yet, but that doesn't stop Steve Jobs. Have to say it looks pretty good (the sound's out of synch a little bit, though). We're going to talk about apps, and Steve is bringing out Phil Schiller to talk about games that aren't out on the market.

10:34 PT - DM: He's loading up Green Day's "American Idiot" and create a Genius playlist: Weezer, Nirvana, Jim Hendrix, John Mayer (tell us the truth, Apple: is John Mayer in every Genius playlist?).

10:33 PT - DM: And, of course, the App Store. Steve says users have downloaded over 100 million applications. "Even more mindblowing" when you realize today is the 60th day the store's been open. There are about 700 games on the App Store; he's flipping through a lot of the games. It's available in 62 countries right now. Time for a demo.10:31 PT - DM: Slight UI tweaks. They've built in Nike + iPod in to the iPod touch. And the iPod touch doesn't even need the little receiver to plug into the dock-connector port. All you have to do is get the transmitter for your shoe. And built-in Genius playlists: tap to get the scrubber and there's a Genius button. Tap that and you've got a new Genius playlist. You can refresh it or save it.

10:31 PT - JS: This is great to see. This basically brings some of the most important missing features from the iPod touch -- which made it difficult for it to use some iPhone software with it. If the nano is now the mainstream iPod, the iPod touch is fast on its heels.

10:29 PT - DM: Let's move on to the iPod touch. For this holiday season, we're making the iPod touch even better. It looks a lot like the iPhone. Same tapered back. Looks like it has external volume control. And it's apparently even thinner than the last. Same 3.5" display; integrated volume controls, which was the #1 request they got (including Mr. Frakes); accelerometer; wireless network; built-in speaker (really hard with something this thin-"It's for casual listening; this is not for audiophiles."); Genius playlist creation; and the App Store built-in. Demo time (saw a quick flash of a Nike + iPod app).

10:28 PT - DM: New in-ear headphones. "We think we've finally got these right." Ship with three sets of earbuds, 2 drivers (woofer and tweeter) in each side. Sell for $79 in October. And here's the new ad. "If you'd like to see it, I'd love to show it for you." Nobody ever says "no" to that, huh? There's apparently a black nano. Sounds like Feist, not sure. And they show the colors bleeding of all of them-that's actually a little creepy.10:27 PT - JS: Score! The nano comes with headphones with a built-in inline remote, with volume controls as well as next/previous. Of course, you have to use Apple's headphones. Some of us love them, some of us hate them, but that's pretty cool.

10:26 PT - DM: Let's talk accessories: armband. New headphones have a built-in remote: pause/play, goes to the next song, and triple click it goes to previous song, and there's volume up/down controls. That's pretty sweet. And there's even a mic built-in for the Voice Recording app. If only I actually liked the iPod headphones. Headphones will ship for $29 next month.

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