Psychic Predictions for Tech in 2009

Countless people are trying to predict what 2009 could hold for the world of technology. Of course, it's all just guesswork -- these pundits aren't working with a crystal ball. So we decided to find someone who was.

We turned to two self-proclaimed psychics to get their takes on what's ahead for some of tech's biggest newsmakers in the new year. We received readings from Silicon Valley's surname-shunning Celia and L.A.'s "psychic angel," Shaun Moore. (Miss Cleo was unavailable -- last we heard, she was selling used cars in South Florida.)

Below, we've pitted the psychics' stances against some less clairvoyant conjectures. Check out the predictions for yourself and see which seem the most sensible. You can leave a comment if you'd like, but we suspect the psychics already know what you're thinking.

On Steve Jobs

•'s David Sterman: Jobs will give up the title of Apple CEO and remain only as chairman. He'll "realize that investors are overlooking Apple's management bench strength."

• Psychic Celia: Jobs has tough times ahead, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. "I see that there's a big struggle, then I see very good news coming for him at the middle of the year."

• Psychic Shaun: He needs to focus more on his home life to improve his condition. "His personal life is in the toilet bowl ... and that's causing his health to suffer."

It can't be making things easy for the cleaning lady, either.

On Apple

•'s David Sterman: Apple's shares will fall in the beginning of '09 but rebound when the "next breakthrough device" debuts in the latter half of the year. The iPhone will also see "a range of hot-selling new uses."

• Psychic Celia: A significant shift is on the way. "I do see that the company will go a step higher. I see that there are a lot of changes coming."

• Psychic Shaun: Changes are coming, but they won't be quick. "There's someone that they're speaking to now, someone who will go in and clean things out."

Clean things out, you say? Maybe they can start with Steve's bathroom.

On Jerry Yang

• The staff of The Industry Standard: Yang could take on yet another new title: chief technology officer of the United States. Jerry's popped up on some lists of possible contenders for the gig, but the Standard points out that the sources may or may not be reliable.

• Psychic Celia: The chief Yahoo-turned-CEO-turned-chief Yahoo will take on some sort of fresh role. "I see that he will be going into a new field, into a higher step next year."

• Psychic Shaun: Yang will leave the rest of the yahoos at Yahoo behind. "If I had a dollar, I would invest my dollar back into him. He's going to be on the brink of something brand spanking new that's going to be a wow factor."

Of course, it might be "wow" as in, "Wow. Good thing that guy's not in charge any more."

On Yahoo

• Computerworld's Nancy Weil: Sale, most likely to Microsoft. It could either be an acquisition of Yahoo's ad-search business by itself, or possibly a full company deal.

• Psychic Celia: Maybe a sale, but definitely an improvement. "I see that someone will step in and it's going to work out for the best. The company will get better this coming year."

• Psychic Shaun: Sale, possibly to an investor. "It's going to be sold one way or another."

Ah, sweet agreement -- three for three on a probable sale. The stars must be aligned tonight.

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