Best Gadgets of the Week: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Jabra Solemate, Dell XPS Duo 12

PHOTO: Gadgets of the week
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Talk about a busy week in the tech world. Off in Berlin, the major electronics companies of the world gathered at the IFA technology trade show to release everything from 84-inch large 4K televisions to Windows 8 computers in all shapes and sizes. And here in the United States, Apple and Samsung continued their battle with Apple's requests for injunctions and Obama took to Reddit to talk to voters.

There are too many gadget releases to talk about this week, but we have rounded some of the best, including Samsung's new mammoth Galaxy Note II, Jabra's speaker that looks like a sneaker, and a case for your iPad that will make you wish summer wasn't ending.

PHOTO: Dell's XPS Duo 12 convertible ultrabook
Dell XPS Duo 12

It's only right that we kick off this week's roundup with a Windows 8 computer. Lots of Windows 8 tablets, laptops, and tablet-laptop hybrids were announced in Germany this week -- you can find all sorts of info about them on our new Windows 8 page -- but Dell's XPS Duo 12 is a great example of the crazy types of computers that are coming with Microsoft's new operating system on Oct. 26. The Duo has a 12-inch screen and looks like a regular laptop, but when you push back the screen it turns around and you can fold the screen down to turn it into a tablet. The swiveling-screen laptop, which will be available with a Core i7 processor and solid state drive, will be available at the end of October; Dell hasn't released pricing yet. (Dell)

PHOTO: Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy Note II

Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? Is it a phablet? It's hard to say what Samsung's new Galaxy Note II is with its large 5.5-inch, Super AMOLED screen and pop-up stylus or S Pen. The device runs the latest version of Android 4.1 -- Jelly Bean -- has a quad-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3-megapixel camera on the front. It also has some new software features, including the ability to look at apps side by side and writing apps, including S Note. The phone-turned-tablet will be available before the end of the year here in the United States. Similar to Dell, Samsung isn't talking pricing yet. (Samsung)

PHOTO: Jabra Solemate
Jabra Solemate

How many times have you thought your speaker should look more like a sneaker? OK, maybe never, but that's why you don't work at Jabra. The Solemate is a Bluetooth speaker that has a sneaker-like sole that is meant to protect the device from shocks and bumps. And to add to that, it can peel off and you can swap it for another with a different color. It's a cool looking device and it promises good sound, but at the same price as Jawbone's Jambox we'll have to test it out ourselves to decide which wins the race. ( $199.99, Jabra)

PHOTO: LifeProof Nuud
LifeProof Nuud iPad Case

We were big fans of LifeProof's waterproof case for the iPhone, which makes us think we're going to love the company's new case for the iPad. The Nuud waterproof case for the iPad works in the same way: you attach the cover to your iPad, make sure the port cover is closed, and you're ready to jump in with your 9.7-inch tablet. The case is fully waterproof up to 6.6 feet and can withstand drops from four feet. ($159.99, Lifeproof)

PHOTO: Cirago iAlert Tag
Cirago iAlertTag IAT1000

You could turn on Find My iPhone or you could get Cirago's new iAlertTag. The tag pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 and whenever the tag is away from your phone it will alert you with a vibration or an alarm sound. You can also get the iAlertTag app, which will let you set your iPhone's alarm to notify you when you are not in the range of the iAlertTag. If you press a button on the app or on the device it will sound the respective alarms too, making it easier to find the phone in your house or bag as well. ($49.99, Cirago)

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