Chromebook Pixel: Google Launches New Chrome OS Laptop for $1,300


"Already our partners have started to explore that space. Sure, there are a lot of ways where Android does not yet have all the capabilities of a desktop system, but the path is clear: we want Android to work on desktops and laptops," he said. "I want people to touch and fling and gesture through things."

Google has said that Chrome OS was for laptops and desktops and Android for tablets and phones. But the lines are blurring. "They certainly have two different environments today. Where Google had drawn the line in the sand was saying Chrome would be confined to desktop and notebook devices with keyboards and mice, and Android was for touch screens. The touch screen on the Pixel does blur the lines somewhat, but clearly we have seen Microsoft and others try to straddle both of those worlds," said Rubin.

But Rubin pointed out that Google is ultimately trying to promote its search, mail, maps and other Internet services. "Ultimately," he said, "they want to get everything back to the Web."

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