iOS 7 Review: Apple's Big Change Means A Worthwhile Upgrade For You


Safari - With a cleaner design, an improved tabbed view and an address bar that finally functions as a search bar, Safari is now in the lead over Chrome on my home screen.

Mail - Other than the cleaner design, the Mail app still lacks what competing e-mail apps have. You still can't easily attach something to a message, the conversation view is no better and there are no organization features, like stars or labels.

Photos – The time and place photo organization tools are a big help when trying to pinpoint an older photo you took. Also, the new Airdrop feature, which lets you share a photo with another iOS 7 user via a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is a great way to share group shots.

Siri - Siri has grown up with a new more mature voice -- or voices, as there are now male and female choices. The personal assistant is actually just that now too -- it can do more and give you more information with new sources like Wikipedia. However, there have still been a few times this week when Siri didn't understand my requests. And, as I've said before, Siri still doesn't know me as well as the assistant behind Google Now.

Weather - The new weather app is very reminiscent of one of my favorite weather apps -- Yahoo Weather. But one change I can't get used to is that the weather icons have been removed from the notification tray.

Others have been refreshed too but the best part is all of them can now be put in folders, including Newsstand, which Apple used to force you to keep on the home screen.

Many third-party apps will be updated too for the new software with slightly different designs and other additions. And you can also set those apps to update automatically. That means no more red bubbles next to the App Store icon anymore, but also little control over what app updates you decide to download.

Should I Upgrade?
Apple's operating system was in need of a major change and iOS 7 finally delivers on that by adding a series of much-needed features, such as Control Center and improved multitasking. Yet, there are a lot of places where I wish Apple had gone even further in terms of improving the layout and features.

Apple had to change and now so do we

But I realize I am of a certain type of group, a more techie group that is excited by changes and new additions. There is another group, which will feel like their iPhones have been working perfectly fine: "Why all off this new stuff?!" Yes, iOS 7 is a big change, but it is one that is worthwhile and finally pulls us away from the first iPhone that was introduced six years ago. Apple had to change and now so do we.

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