Koss' FitClip Headphones for Women Aren't Pink or Patronizing

Cameron and her colleague Yvonne Lin say that the key when they work on design for women is providing differentiation in product and design. In most cases, they work on designing products for women without actually saying it. They have worked on everything from printers to TVs that had some aspect that was designed for women.

"Everything we do in terms of design, we think about women," Lin said. "If you look at who buys things, the vast majority are bought by women. Any time we design anything it is often times a lens we put on."

Torres and Koss said that in the case of the FitClips, there was a specific physical difference that had to be marketed to women. Of course, that begs the question: what about earbuds for the male ear?

"Do something specifically for men? I have the feeling that's been done since 1958," Koss said. "It has been a male dominated industry."

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