7 Smartphone Apps for Holiday Travel


It may not be the cheapest app in Apple's app store, but for travelers prone to getting lost, it could be among the most valuable.

The navigation application provides updated maps, turn-by-turn directions and traffic information for the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Mexico and Brazil, depending on which package you purchase.

The U.S. application costs $49.99 and the company says it includes a million more miles of roads than applications offered by competitors.

Just hop in the car wherever you are, pull up the application and type in your destination. The application provides voice directions while still letting drivers take and place phone calls.

Keep Track of Flights With Smartphone App

6. Car Finder

You know the feeling: You're so excited finally to find a parking spot that, once you walk away, you completely forget to notice where you've left the car.

For 99 cents, Car Finder will help you remember where you parked.

Once you get out of the car, just take a picture of the location. The phone's GPS technology stores and maps the parking spot, so that if you forget, you can just pull up the application for directions to where you left it.

The app also lets you set a timer to help remember when the parking meter expires.

7. Flight Track Pro

If you want a simple, reliable way to keep track of flights on a multi-leg trip, check out Flight Track Pro.

At $9.99, it's among the more expensive iPhone apps (other flight tracking apps are priced around $5). But the application has been applauded by the New York Times, Forbes, TIME magazine and several application reviewing websites.

Just type in your flight information and Flight Track provides details about each leg -- arrival and departure times, terminals, gates, flight maps, altitude, weather, speed and more.

You can choose to have flight changes buzz through to warn you of gate changes and delays (even if you were in mid-podcast or phone call). And, with one tap, you can e-mail flight changes to anyone planning to meet you at the airport.

Flight Track also comes in a $4.99 version that does not include push notification, information about FAA delays and closures or terminal maps.

The app is available for the iPhone, Android phones and BlackBerry.

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