Older Adults Face Facebook Mystery

The bottom line is that there's clearly a social networking etiquette still being worked out, especially now that, as the home page says, "anyone can join" (not just college students).

Here's an even dicier issue: What about friending your friends' kids, or even your own? If you ask me, any parent who's just on Facebook to learn about their kids is both missing out on most of the fun and probably overstepping some parental boundaries.

I believe kids have to be able to work through many social issues, online and off, in their own ways and time. This is particularly important now that Facebook includes high schoolers. Maybe this is easy for me to say because my daughter's not that old yet (she'll probably call me on this later).

Eric, it turns out, is friends on Facebook with friends of his mother. But, he says, "You have to know that moms gossip with moms. It is almost like breathing for them!"

So here's my message to young people: let us have fun too. After all, you'll be "old" one day, and probably still on something like Facebook. And to oldies: If you join, join for yourselves, not to keep tabs on your kids. Oh, and remember … it's really uncool to "poke."

Deanna Lee, a former senior producer for ABC's "World News," is the vice president of communications at the Asia Society.

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