Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved? 'Investigation Junkies' to Launch New Expedition

They'll fund the pricey trip by bringing along 10 sponsors, who will each pay $50,000. Gillespie is still choosing which 10 will go, so if you have an extra 50k to spare, you still have a chance of being accepted. To find out more about the Earhart Project, click Here.

Public Fascination With Earhart Continues

As Earhart fans well know, it isn't just her record-breaking flights that captured the world's attention. Earhart was also an editor for Cosmopolitan magazine and traveled and lectured frequently.

'Time Is on Our Side'

Long and his wife spent years documenting Earhart's life.

"Her audiences were maybe 95 percent women," said Long. "Her message resonated with women at that time -- what she was trying to prove was that women could do anything men could do. So she picked out the most manly things she could think of doing and did them as well as the men or sometimes better."

According to the Amelia Earhart Foundation, young Earhart "climbed trees, 'belly-slammed' her sled to start it downhill and hunted rats with a .22 rifle. She also kept a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about successful women in predominantly male-oriented fields, including film direction and production, law, advertising, management and mechanical engineering."

Earhart tributes are peppered across the United States: streets, a mountain and even a forest are named after her. And female pilots still look to her as a source of inspiration, especially those who enter the Air Race Classic every year.

Hope still remains that one day, her Lockheed A-10E Electra will be recovered.

"The technology is allowing us to search much better, cheaper and more thoroughly underwater," Long said. "Time is one our side and technology is on our side. It'll be found."

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