TechBytes: Google's Ebook Reader

Googles first e-reader will go on sales this
WATCH TechBytes (07.12.11)

In today's TechBytes, Google's first integrated e-reader goes on sale Sunday.

The iriver Story HD will be the first device to let readers connect directly with Google's e-bookstore over Wi-Fi. The device will retail for $140 and will debut exclusively at Target.

NCAA Football 12

In today's video game review: NCAA Football 12. The latest version of the popular college football franchise features more realistic game play and allows for extensive customization. Sports Illustrated's Paul Ulane calls it "The ultimate Heisman trophy winning experience."

"If you like college football, you definitely need to pick up NCAA Football 12. It has everything that you want to experience as a college football fan. You can play, try to win a Heisman. You can coach, try to win a national championship. You can play against your friends, both in-house and online," said Ulane.

NCAA Football 12 goes on sale today.