Tweeting Overheard Breakups & Airplane Fights: Rude or Reasonable?

In the end, Post Senning said, the best way to think about posting overheard conversations online is to consider both the content of the conversations and the context. If something was said at a private gathering in someone's home, or in a private place such as a bathroom, individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, he explained.

If the conversations are happening in public, all bets are off.

"On the one hand these are the stories of our lives and we share them the way we would in person, you know, 'I was out at dinner and heard the craziest conversation,'" Post Senning said.

"The content is the substance of the matter, so to think about what you're putting out there. That secondary context question, particularly as more people are thinking I'm going to record this and post it, is how do you do that well, how do you operate in the world where that's going on and still protect people's identities."

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