Vevo's CEO Rio Caraeff Opens Up

You were quoted in the Guardian as saying sex, music and sports are the only entertainment categories on the planet that people love that can build audiences on the scale of billions of people. It seems like you're cornering the music market. Are you looking into expanding into other areas as well? Definitely not. We think music is a big enough category that we can be well served for decades to come. Music resonates on a tribal and cellular and genetic level with pretty much everybody on the planet. It's hard to find large amounts of people who just hate music. If you spread yourself too thin, you're ultimately not going to do a great job with it.

I heard working at Vevo you have musicians coming in and playing live for employees, and music videos streaming on screens. How does Vevo rate in terms of coolest places to work? There are job opportunities out there if you want to write software or sell advertising or work in a variety of ways. Doing it around music or with music, that's not too bad. If you love music it's better than working at an insurance company. I think it's a fun place to work. We have offices now in London, Chicago, Los Angeles and our headquarters in New York. We just moved into our headquarters in the Conde Nast building in Times Square. We've only been here a week or so. We got rid of all of the offices, so it's all a big plan.

Everybody is just out and about playing music. We have about two to three artists who come by a week, who come by play music and perform and meet the team. We're trying to figure out now what we can do to support the community. So we're putting together a plan with the New York Food Bank, a volunteer plan to get out of the office and do something there. We're also trying to figure out how to shoot more performances in our office, so we have not just artists who play but then we can actually use that performance in various ways.

What's on your Vevo playlist? On my Vevo playlist I have Lana Del Ray's "SNL" performance from this weekend. I have some old Dr. Dre videos, some Rihanna videos and some old Beastie Boys videos, and a lot of my favorite videos are some of the original programing that we create. We have a show called Stylized. Vevo Stylized is all about the fashion and style of music. It's a mix of old and original content.

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