Apple's iPhone 5S, 5C Differences Exposed

Fans line up to purchase the newest phones from Apple.
9:03 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Apple's iPhone 5S, 5C Differences Exposed
This is a special report from ABC news. There. Again there -- New York with the CBC news visual special report the day has come for iPhone fanatics as the new model. Five ass is on sale today. -- have been lined up for that new -- across the globe this store in Tokyo. Look at them rushing and there are some even wears costumes and obviously coming up victorious holding up signs. And long lines in New York City look at that the phone going on -- just. After 3 o'clock this morning stretching down the streets of Manhattan. You can't sleep that they would just talk -- guy. There's a lot of job almost writings this. Unpleasant experience. Almost unpleasant -- very -- obviously putting it mildly and this scene in Pasadena California tempers. Flaring up when man allegedly hired some homeless people from LA's infamous Skid -- to wait in line for him. A fight broke out in capacity in line is a lot of folks -- camp out overnight they of course for not having it police were called then. It got ugly but obviously you can see the dedication a lot of folks have -- to get the very latest. Gadget praise I'm joined now by ABC's tech editor Joanna stern who. Struck gold today with the iPhone gold struck -- that's right here hew to the angelic I went does that mean everyone has been raving about this than on actually my element of that drug dealer. You got what you say it. It's it's it's the most expensive iPhone because at the 64 gigabyte unit and its goals and there's -- shortages everywhere and I felt like if you just be like. Can -- surprising and heavily armed security guards I don't know what -- that -- is that obviously again the I'll be outside the exterior that's the big difference. Those people just really are into this -- it -- again this -- almost everytime they release new -- has and you -- if you remember back at the white I found it with me. IPhone three G came in white and everyone -- don't want but I ones you know everyone this year wants the gold one -- to take -- exodus that is like look at the back -- this and assume that is that it's all the metal case and just like that. The the earlier -- yes exactly I don't know. To normal people on the street when you're using this and I know the difference if you've got the iPhone 5. -- -- is this new little fingerprint sensor here so that's another physical difference -- -- I want to ask you about that because there's been concerns about the fact that if in fact. Was again -- -- you have to program that in for to actually read your fingerprints yet and it works really well I think you just for you it gives you little software -- -- happier for your -- where you can use. Any of your fingers tapping it it registers and then your your -- So it's it's really as simple as doing it isn't just humans -- happened in this what have I seen that there is -- -- -- -- -- -- At cat got its -- on here credit but the dirty little -- on -- -- -- techcrunch writer used in his cat -- -- -- that would work. And actually -- that some things that lie of course Nelson -- because anything involving at the right answer is -- -- crazy today. So what are some of the other features think is obvious it's got the new Iowa seven. Yes so it's got Iowa seven which came out Wednesday night everyone was able to get -- -- iPhone four -- iPad two were up they're able to get IOS seven biggest change IOS has seen since. The introduction of the -- -- right in terms of the hardware here this is the 200 dollar iPhone iPhone 5 asked top of the line -- you can get. Inside you're really getting an expected increase over the iPhone 5 from last year you got the new camera. -- it's a better camera I've been testing an app for a couple hours -- much better camera you get a faster processor. Seeing tiny is that improvement there but you would see that more in terms of gaining our multitasking. And then you've got the fingerprint sensor which -- is really saying -- this security. It's much better than using your password because a lot of people apparently don't even use a password and is just makes it easy -- -- -- Click right in that Israel and the agencies that 200 that's -- -- align top of the line -- -- And they've also -- obviously this is five C this is the five -- so this is the new iPhone. Kind of in the line right apple always usually drops the price of last year's iPhone -- this year brand new iPhone at 99 dollars looking in the same press -- five. The five is gone. No more five it themselves needed and now I've gotten a letter and -- it no one's going to be getting Manassas you're kind of cool should have that's one way -- -- -- my feelings are so -- -- -- -- the benefits that what we see differences operating systems which means they're gonna have the same operating systems the real difference here is the colors five -- five C so comes in all these different colors green. This. -- and they all kind of match rates if you get the -- they get -- give -- green wallpaper -- -- get a blue wallpaper so that's that's really the main thing here you get it not as -- of the cameras you would get on this one focus of its there yet like so you don't get as -- of -- cameras again with this and you don't -- as -- -- processor. You don't get that fingerprint sensor. You know what's interesting is obviously you study apple very very close to you know their strategy has always been clean higher end markets here in this is really obviously goes against -- strategy for the longest time that they -- It does and because. It doesn't it doesn't -- -- -- when you think about what apple does every time they launch the iPhone you get a brand new hire and iPhone and then the phone from last year like that five rather go down to 99 dollars right and then the phone from two years ago we get back for free if you sign the two year contract so what they've done is they've just kind of remove -- five and they put this in place of it. The question is why did they do that they want more people going -- are lower cost phone -- you don't feel like you're getting an old phone anymore right that's it that's kind of it seems their strategy. If they want to get more people buying iphones. A cheaper price works but also cheaper price and a brand new phone works better than a cheaper price on an. Old now he's obviously not there when it lost its stand in line but you've got connections to you can get a hold of those in the know full disclosure can't do it to turn those back at -- -- in our. -- and I want to make sure like a secret conversation with you after this but if you if you are -- anyone who is there any way you can kind of bypass the month long waiting lists. Yeah I think. That's kind of why these lines happened today is the iPhone 5 -- was not available for pre order last week which is what apple usually dies. The iPhone 5 C was available for pre order so lots of people showing up at the store because they want it today they can get it shipped to them today -- there was no pre orders so. There's that early demand for the five -- We are hearing that there were supply issues apple didn't make as many phones as they possibly could but at. I think we you'll see stock in some stores through the weekend might not be the gold line it might not be the sixteen gigabyte of the 64 gigabyte you want. And then on line of course now we're looking -- October so. There's going to be a wait for some people any kind of indication how many they're going to be selling this week -- in the next couple of days. Millions if I knew that millions I've I've heard estimates were people think that this month BellSouth twenty million -- mean there there's crazy crazy predictions and what it. And and adjusted to the point that this is new right there expecting this to be a bigger launch than ever because there are two brand new funds and what about android and they worried about cannibalizing their market. Why this is a reaction in somewhat to android right -- enjoyed it there are tons of different devices and there are at all different price points -- got. Motorola Samsung so they have this whole market. Really conquered in terms of all the price points so lots of people saying that this could be that reaction to android. It's a little bit of the reaction to -- in the software adding some more usability features. But I think apple still looking at its offices premium brands and they don't wanna kind of steep -- to -- the bottom of the barrel barrel in terms of the. And it's gonna put on the spot -- -- the keys she was on the floor that was well I mean I'm just calling you I'll be in the tech editor obviously you have to be in. If you are Montana's right now you have to be in touch with everything which is why you still haven't laughed. At at that the I its diversity Joanna that take my mama -- it's -- -- -- -- To minister there is nothing -- I -- the I love this keyboard an unfortunate Blackberry is not doing well and lots of reports and -- lay off as there is a dedicated father is a very die hard following to -- the company priced so I can get beaten up on the street for two you. He got level around -- -- -- -- thank you so much we certainly appreciate that. Of course we have a complete write up an On the latest iPhone and of course who was interest is that earlier today Tim Cook CEO of apple. Went out and met with some of the buyers out there at the Palo Alto store and apple firsthand right -- whole. Mixing with the real people. -- -- -- -- Yet no and I think one of the brand new stores and this is the Palo Alto start yeah there's he had no pressure there -- no pressure there -- expectations. Contraband and immediate aides say that this this warm -- the hi Paula continuing on there. I for now I'm Dan -- where New York -- ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20320843,"title":"Apple's iPhone 5S, 5C Differences Exposed","duration":"9:03","description":"Fans line up to purchase the newest phones from Apple.","url":"/Technology/video/apples-iphone-5s-5c-differences-exposed-20320843","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}