CES in 60: NeuroSky NecoMimi

Cat ears move up and down based on your brain waves and emotional state.
1:35 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for CES in 60: NeuroSky NecoMimi
-- asked you answered -- -- 2013. Spaniards on. And David here and -- -- that pounding what he's doing it. About some other products -- racking up sixty cents sixty seconds accounting and -- Joanna is wearing -- meaning those are greatly driven cat here's -- reacting in real time her emotions. Which she pays attention. Here's pop up when she relaxed -- physical and Q and -- go down they respond in real time once per second and there in the life of the party. What I went on my head is called to mind when it's. Same underpinnings of -- EG -- have blog the technology. Except in this case -- -- for working with. Applications on -- lessening your iPad on your -- talking. He's seen and we work with kids ADHD. And that help people diagnosed -- -- all sorts of diseases like alzheimer's. And also recently project universities -- tonight -- helicopter we also have you handing him over my left we have. A helicopter. That is greatly treatment goes up when your attention goes -- and that you can -- -- certain thresholds. A 199 dollars also available at our website -- -- dot com 99 dollars euros not 99 dollars in the coming up. Rather. Relaxed -- -- -- varies in my car thank you so much to --

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{"id":18179777,"title":"CES in 60: NeuroSky NecoMimi","duration":"1:35","description":"Cat ears move up and down based on your brain waves and emotional state.","url":"/Technology/video/ces-60-neurosky-necomimi-18179777","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}