Financing the Tesla Model 3

The electric automaker says it plans to start producing its newest car this summer.
0:50 | 03/16/17

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Transcript for Financing the Tesla Model 3
In today's tech Mike's financing that Tesla model 300 got a maker says it plans to raise one point 815 billion dollars to give a lot of its mid market sedan. Tests of miss a start producing the model three in July with a base price up. 35000. Dollars portable Google now has an app that allows kids to be just like mom and dad. Family link collects children under thirteen have their own Google account the count is controlled by adults meaning they manage the act the kids use mom and dad can also lock bath app. Remotely. And the golden arch is on your Smartphone McDonald's is now testing its mobile ordering system customers in Monterey are Salinas California can now order and pay using an happen expanses of Spokane Washington. On Monday. What about your pet. Desert tech bets Saturday.

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{"id":46165972,"title":"Financing the Tesla Model 3","duration":"0:50","description":"The electric automaker says it plans to start producing its newest car this summer.","url":"/Technology/video/financing-tesla-model-46165972","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}