Inexpensive Tech Stocking Stuffers

ABC News' Tina Trinh shows some great tech presents that are under $100.
3:40 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Inexpensive Tech Stocking Stuffers
Here is at the top of most everyone's holiday wish list including most likely everyone you have to -- give poor but you don't have to break the bank. To make them happy ABC news tech engineer teacher -- is here this morning with some stocking -- get this -- under hundreds. Dollars good morning Tina Tellme winning an era so yeah I got a lot of get -- first step is digits by -- these are basically pittance that turns your glasses -- touch screen friendly which is great because before you have to add jobs to these aren't any buzz that you have and then start tapping -- America captive in Iraq and -- from twelve dollars. Well what's next big -- Our -- remote shutters. And you -- -- I thought it. Take a picture by clicking -- on that other. Button here. Without seeing it lets you basically take pictures without causing handshake wariness. Which is wonderful because most people's pictures do mine -- especially have that sort of blurry look they're really cute to love this film canisters inside here. These aren't. Retro pop felons from if you -- -- I love I have so much thirty fax white I have one he's. They're so easy to use it to stick them into -- found start talking at the other end your conduct myself -- radiation cells form and function it. This is a charging -- believe it or not shocking -- you can stick anything that you that is connected to -- -- -- to be charged in here and it doesn't really great job it's fun doesn't really good job of hiding all the wires. And have no -- tangled mess yeah. Pet sounds from audience technique that now -- plans are -- for music lovers and the convinces him to spend 300 bucks to get good hairs consistent. Five dollars. Every bit as good -- Pepsi spent like what's -- charging -- -- Charging your fan but very very important everyone being caught with the dead from these are back -- batteries. From anchoring this is called the -- top. It's 25 bucks charging -- computer downloading your -- Charges like -- -- ago. -- calls that went up this this is a great point because it's a key chain actually handle one and goes into the computer -- when -- -- charging. Turning your back on -- key chain actually. This charge your on the -- -- -- minded let's just in the front. Is the roku box it's awesome hooking up to your TV turn your playing TV into a wet connected and instantly start streaming. Videos movies TV shows Netflix Amazon and you name it -- -- expensive now. It's about. A little bit that's -- that's pretty I'm fifty I know about -- yeah -- explain to our viewers what -- -- people who are looking to get in shape this is. Probably the easiest way to do it could. -- -- on your shirt. Your pants. Forget about it. It tracks your calories distance steps taken -- -- -- is wirelessly to your computer your eyes found. You always and working out angry activation and last but at least I love this cute little tablet and it's only seventy dollars which is the best parts so if -- -- Teenager your kid is making you or tablet and you don't spend. Hundreds of dollars that -- Perfect option that does wonderful that you can actually use them like you would use that India iPad yet it runs android does everything and normal talent -- Past casting fantastic romp thanks ABC tech contributor -- trend for a look at some of portable tank gives his. Holiday season and for another look at all of these products please check our web page -- FaceBook page W and and fans dot com.

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{"id":17971617,"title":"Inexpensive Tech Stocking Stuffers","duration":"3:40","description":"ABC News' Tina Trinh shows some great tech presents that are under $100.","url":"/Technology/video/inexpensive-tech-stocking-stuffers-17971617","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}