NASA is testing the crew exit strategy for the Orion capsule

ABC News' Kevin Quinn talks to NASA engineer Dustin Gohmert and Astronaut Sunita Williams about testing to land the Orion capsule in water or on land.
8:08 | 07/13/17

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Transcript for NASA is testing the crew exit strategy for the Orion capsule
Hi everybody Kevin played here we are reporting from Galveston Texas bird ABC news fascinating testing going off the coast today. Quit NASA and as they try to figure out the best way for astronauts to get NN out of the new Orion. Capsule that they're in the process of he's still not here want to introduce you to Justin and homer into the crew survival leave for NASA also. Today's system we'll have a better idea about the crew can be rescued sorties so. Landing if I remember landing in the water. Every landing so having a safety net but that's about. That's. Nearest capital necessary but we're also write some recovery operation. I'm yeah so you really have to go back. How to do this best. We want to make sure that. Years months. Today we actually. We'll ask us for headlines case. Defense from a couple. Just some assisted and sometimes it is okay. Her folks watching your breath. Regular terms it means getting helping out the other they get out until as a last night. In the water. Yeah it's going to be around. Obviously today everybody's. And space and time that's in it and it's. It's just. 66 months there's this a lot of the stimulus system. It is not playing at its best so you get you know. Yeah recognizes. That's mention. So all of that these icons in. Today we are. Normal Sunday they had just come back space that but selecting a test some of them have long life. Extrapolate its best days. There's a lot that goes into this. I just took charge of the capsule. And as well as if you. Audience third. How difficult would Diaz and. I'm a little rough I can't imagine. And that's what these days it's cool in these guys to make this it's as easy as possible for us. So we are an exercise program here so let me launch and we're pretty good shape so we can. Interior. Doesn't specifically. Get out watching for how they're here might snag gonna live now. How much their news and as folks try to get Hillary what you. Podium. More can be written. They're all fine nuances. Interactive. So we try to take. So we are there everything. No end of this. Yeah. And and also. Was that point oh. One back. A normal day will be very. Try to make it. Read that they're trying to play but that's figure out how to make sure. Tell all their old. Yes so bring witnesses Chris Gregoire memory. Or dangerous policy specifically write it that way because we take rusty. So it ride anyway that we can't expect. They verified this sort. Us but we also look at every other surgeons. And egress out of the but we're doing our best. And all the service. They could have gone there's. And so there's. Just the number of circumstances are we have people there for every single. Back case where a group. The best they can stand point we. Grabbing. The boys. Out of or even to an. They're bad news. Whether or there. As we have a strong and compared. Man's name because started there were. Several others we're all going to be meeting S and the rest. We'll go this week and there will be more testing following weeks but specifically for the group court. He's done this in the. But this is different this is real world doing it out. Now is this week. Step by step. On the water has landed him. Done anything. The next step up. Nurses bringing up your. Listing. This is a great day. Manning's. Ball. It doesn't have my breakfast. Kids you all later after this tests completed Lindsay.

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{"id":48620459,"title":"NASA is testing the crew exit strategy for the Orion capsule","duration":"8:08","description":"ABC News' Kevin Quinn talks to NASA engineer Dustin Gohmert and Astronaut Sunita Williams about testing to land the Orion capsule in water or on land.","url":"/Technology/video/nasa-testing-crew-exit-strategy-orion-capsule-48620459","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}