Sony Virtual Reality Headset

Sony's version of a virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4, will debut in October 2016.
0:51 | 03/16/16

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Their days tech bytes of 360 degree view for video games Sony showing off its new virtual reality headset for PlayStation. It features a five point seven inch display the 400 dollar heads that. Goes on sale in October a few big changes unanswered Graham first it's changing the order of posts its ditching the chronological time line. Instead they apple focus on items a user cares most about similar to what FaceBook does. And also on Easter Graham hope. Francis is upon it begins hosting cell please another picks this Saturday march 19. Go used to handle ad Franciscans. Last month the Pope met within two grams founder who said the two. Talked about the power of images to unite people he's in very well on Twitter and I bet mr. Gramm as well after he has a lot of followers Sherri has a higher power helping amount. Exactly what it's like some of us if you're tech site a great day.

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{"id":37684708,"title":"Sony Virtual Reality Headset ","duration":"0:51","description":"Sony's version of a virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4, will debut in October 2016.","url":"/Technology/video/sony-virtual-reality-headset-37684708","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}