TechBytes: Verizon, Tetris

Verizon is threatening to sue Netflix for being blamed for streaming issues.
0:56 | 06/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TechBytes: Verizon, Tetris
In today's tech -- and digital war of words Verizon is threatening legal action if Netflix doesn't stop telling its customers. That Verizon is to blame for -- streaming quality. But its programming. Netflix says Verizon customers aren't getting what they paid for. The new season of the blockbuster Netflix series -- the new black was made available for download just hours ago fans are quickly taking to -- to -- -- about season two. And when it come instinct kicking the habit technology appears -- succeeding where other techniques have failed. New research shows smokers who use a popular texting program called text to quit. For more than twice as likely to quit. And a video game grand daddy turns thirty years old today. More than -- 150 million copies of -- -- have been sold making it the best selling videogame of all time. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":24022190,"title":"TechBytes: Verizon, Tetris","duration":"0:56","description":"Verizon is threatening to sue Netflix for being blamed for streaming issues.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-verizon-tetris-24022190","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}