How the Visually Impaired Navigate iPhones

Blind radio host Tommy Edison demonstrates the "accessibility" feature on the iPhone 4S.
3:08 | 01/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How the Visually Impaired Navigate iPhones
Today I -- say how the iPhone works. Flooding has been asking us to use an iPhone and how does that work for you while I'm gonna show -- So a lot of devices have this thing that you've probably never even thought to use -- check satirist -- accessibility. Alison all different sorts of things how to turn a speech on and off your phone -- why don't like black and white maybe -- audio there's all sorts of different things to do. I just -- a voice over when it works incredible. But it's very -- -- vandalized -- use -- that has the touch screen. Just like you. So it's thing toe touch at once it tells -- what it is twice to perform the action. Talks. And then to move to the different screens. Three fingers to go -- like this. Summer recess of this stuff works. -- -- -- -- But that's -- -- out of the Twitter universe that I. Which is next is actually -- short product -- I tweet something tweet. Right so what are tweet I generally -- -- series. The fact that it's easier that -- Happy Easter com -- from the blind film critic. East. Seem pretty innocuous -- -- -- So let's put up eight. What are things I don't think people get -- -- its artists here if you add the punctuation yourself but it works so well could. Period. -- -- -- YouTube -- Jesus this is our home. Let's look at the bottom here all the stuff is down here -- channel. And I know her so well. Most community church search for the events. More back. Let's go to favorites. You've gone on of the world it. Is twelve times. Actually reporting news. -- -- -- -- -- But some I love -- -- -- it's that I cannot but. Cautious. Gains to. -- It's not that today that's Hunger Games that's three YouTube -- Thank you so much. -- -- Twitter that Brandon. Is the next Rick. While. The -- You -- me to do that it's. -- -- -- -- thought about -- eleventh out of Manhattan -- just.

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{"id":18180587,"title":"How the Visually Impaired Navigate iPhones","duration":"3:08","description":"Blind radio host Tommy Edison demonstrates the \"accessibility\" feature on the iPhone 4S.","url":"/Technology/video/visually-impaired-navigate-iphones-18180587","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}