YouTube Diary: Woman Reunites With Boyfriend After Break-Up Videos


Video Diary Inspires Others

"I feel as though this whole thing has made me stronger as a person, emotionally," she said. "You have to stop hiding and stop protecting yourself from the pain of living."

And she said that her dozens of videos now on YouTube have been an inspiration to others too.

"You open up yourself to extreme criticism as well as praise when you realize that people are actually watching this. Some people are rooting for you, some people question your motives," she said. "But what's been absolutely fantastic out of this is that it's helped people going through similar experiences. ... People seem to identify with this."

But though many viewers might identify with Summers, none have been as significantly moved as the "Frog Prince" himself: Keith Tallis.

After a friend mentioned the online diary to him, Tallis said he went home and took a look.

"It was quite distressing. I didn't realize the devastation. You walk away from something and you think purely about yourself," he said. "When I looked at it I thought, 'oh God how awful.' ... It was a horrible feeling that someone could be in such a state and I didn't know about it."

Despite Return of 'Prince,' Online Diary Will Continue

For weeks, he said, he was in turmoil, trying to work through feelings of guilt and responsibility.

But when he saw the video Summers posted on his birthday, he had a moment of resolve.

"It just hit me how much I loved her and I realized this is where I belong," he said.

He called Summers to reconcile and ended his relationship with his partner for good.

But though she now has her "Frog Prince," Summers said she intends to continue the diary.

"I know that a lot of people are depending on me to show them how I'm doing, how we're doing, how they can do. It's not that I think that I'm anything special, I don't think I'm anything special," she said. "I do realize the power of what I've gone through and how I'm dealing with it has the ability to help other people by example.

"If I can get through this, they can get through it," she said. "If I can be real, they can be real. They don't have to hide away."

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