Billboard Jungle: Chicago Divorce Ad Comes Down

Veteran New York divorce lawyer Rauol Felder called the billboard "the Academy Award of bad taste. … I don't think anybody walks away from that ad thinking more of the legal profession than they did before they saw it."

The Women's Bar of Illinois said the ad was "in bad taste."

Fetman seemed to find her strongest support in cyberspace.

"I love it!" one reader wrote on a message board for the story. "Kudos to the firm and the marketing idea! As an attorney, I am not at ALL offended by this billboard. Frankly, I find it refreshingly honest and insightful. Hey, it's true -- if people are unhappy, there are plenty of options out there -- get a divorce and get on with your life. Plus, given the fact that it takes the average battered woman leaving her spouse FOUR times before she finally leaves for good, maybe this in-your-face simple approach may be the wake up call she needs. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!"

Others said they felt like they were being fleeced.

"The implication here is that both men and women have an equal chance at the fornication sweepstakes once they dump their middle-aged spouses. NOT TRUE! But if the billboard showed a greying, well-dressed, prosperous-looking man drinking champagne with a twenty-something hootchie … then you'd have real truth in advertising!"

And one seemed to speak for many.

"For those that [think] that this is so clever and humorous, how about placing a 5 year old girl and an 8 year old boy in the background clutching daddy as he is leaving the house? Now maybe you get why this 'ad' is so inappropriate. If divorce just involved kidless twenty somethings who decided that they were bored and wanting to 'trade up' after a year of marriage, then the ad might have some acceptability, but these generally aren't the types of people that divorce involves."

"It's when you get to that part of the marriage where you begin to understand that having a good, long term relationship with one person -- especially when you have kids -- takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, that thoughts of divorce start to enter the picture."

Elizabeth Tribolet and Mary Harris contributed to this report.

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