Warrants Depict Bizarre Tortures, Then Death for DeBlase Children

VIDEO: John DeBlase is jailed on charges of child abuse and corpse abuse.

Arrest warrants describe the horrific abuse two young children allegedly suffered at the hands of their father and his girlfriend, including stuffing one of the children into a suitcase for 14 hours, before the children were allegedly killed by their dad.

As the grim details surrounding the children's death surface, police have announced they believe they found the remains of 3-year-old Chase DeBlase, allegedly dumped in the Mississippi woods by his father, John Deblase, in March.

Police are also scouring woods in rural Alabama for the body of 5-year-old Natalie DeBlase, who police allege was killed and discarded by her father in June.

The arrest warrant details bizarre punishments allegedly devised for the children. It charges DeBlase with allowing his girlfriend, Heather Leavell-Keaton, to create a night-long torture for Chase while the parents went to bed.

"Allowing Heather Leavell-Keaton (his girlfriend) to duck-tape the childs hands to the side of his legs, tape a broom handle to his back, placing a sock in his mouth and duck-taping it to his mouth, then making the child stand in a corner all night when they went to bed," the warrant says.

Police have not yet given a cause of death for Chase or Natalie although they believe the abuse played a major factor.

"We have not determined cause of death," Assistant District Attorney Joe Beth Murphree told ABC News. "Remains found yesterday and the medical examiner is looking at remains at this time. Even if exact cause cannot be determine we believe homicide can still be proved."

According to police Natalie was not spared the monstrous abuse doled out by DeBlase and Leavell-Keaton, his girlfriend since 2008.

A separate arrest warrant outlines that DeBlase allegedly allowed Leavell-Keaton to "duck-tape" Natalie's hands and feet before stuffing her in a suitcase.

"Duck-tape the child's hands and feet, place a sock in her mouth, place her inside a black suitcase and leave it inside a closet from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.," the warrant says.

Police: Children Tortured by Girlfriend, Killed By Dad

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said that Chase's body was stuffed inside a black garbage bag, wearing only a diaper, by his father close to the road because DeBlase allegedly didn't want to get lost on his way back to his vehicle.

According to police little Chase DeBlase's remains stayed hidden there for over six months, and for Mobile Police Officer Chris Levy, that's one of the most troubling parts of this story.

"The fact for six months a child was dead and nobody reported it. For six months," Levy said to ABC News today.

Levy said the birth mother and grandparents of the children have been questioned as to why they didn't report the children missing, and according to him they gave reasons, "no good reasons," though he said.

Equally as troubling, Levy said detectives later found a number neighbors and associates of DeBlase and Leavell-Keaton who claimed they witnessed the children being abused numerous times.

"We have all these people coming forward now who say they saw them hit the children with objects, they say they saw burns on the children that required medical attention, and nobody called the police. Where were those people a year ago when these children were actually in danger?" Levy said.

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