Full Transcript of Chris Cuomo's Interview with Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf

MUSHARRAF: Because of a common cause. No, not only to find OBL.

CUOMO: Well that was a big part of it. This last time we did our interview we came back with that interview, Mr. President, and I asked you if you found OBL would you turn him over to us. You didn't like the question. You did not handle this question quickly. You said I don't want to talk about it. It was a big deal! It's still a big deal!

MUSHARRAF: if you found OBL, would you hand him over.

CUOMO: It's a sad commentary that Americans have to think about whether Pakistanis are more partial to them or to the sympathies of OBL, don't you think?

MUSHARRAF: Well that is very sad if your countrymen think that Pakistan is more sympathetic or more partial to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

CUOMO: Well you wouldn't even answer the question of handing him over because you said I have to think what the people want. I mean what does that suggest?

MUSHARRAF: Even if you ask anytime, I will not answer that in clear terms.. Because there are sensitivities.

CUOMO: But that's an odd situation, don't you think? I mean this man is enemy number one for the United States. You're in partnership with them to catch him and you won't even say if you'd turn him over?

MUSHARRAF: You think it is very odd because you don't understand the sensitivities. You think from their point of view, from the American eyes. You see everything from the American eyes. You don't want to see things from our eyes, from Pakistan's eyes. From the people of Pakistan. How do the people of Pakistan take everything and a Pakistani government and a Pakistani leader must consider that.

CUOMO: Hmm, that's a fair point and that's why we're happy to have you on Mr. President because you're giving us that perspective. Let me ask you, what do you see is the future of US/Pakistan relations? How do we move forward together?

MUSHARRAF: Well you have to first of all identify what is required. The requirement is absolutely Pakistan and US relations must be good, in the mutual benefit of Pakistan and also the mutual benefit of the United States to fight terrorism and extremism. And also in the very to fight terrorism and extremism in Pakistan. So it's a win-win for both. But if there is if there is mistrust and we are pulling in different directions, trust me, we are losing the battle against terror.

CUOMO: Do you believe that Pakistan can be a strong partner to the United States dedicated to going after terrorism?

MUSHARRAF: Is Pakistan being a good partner? (CC - Yes.) Pakistan has always been an excellent partner to the United States, it was the United States which has always let us down until 1989, okay.

CUOMO: All right, but you have to look after 1989. You can't always look back to 1989, Mr. President. There's been a lot of history since then.

MUSHARRAF: But you don't want to. You don't want to. You don't think the United States did anything wrong in Pakistan.

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