TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: No. It was just a Jew-- it-- we were-- it was always gonna be a Jewish wedding. We went, and we interviewed rabbis. There was no discussion that there would even be a partial Catholic component. It was always just going to be Jewish, and-- and to be candid, Joseph is absolutely entitled to be Catholic. But if he had wanted to be Catholic in the marriage, I just wouldn't have gotten married. Not because he's not allowed to be Catholic, but that's just not the life that I wanted. That's just one of the criteria that I had for a life partner, was, it's important to me to be Jewish. So, I would've said, "I love you, and this is wonderful, but this-- this isn't going to work. You're absolutely entitled to be Catholic, but I really want to be Jewish, 'cause I'm Jewish."

CUOMO: And did you want him to convert?

REBECCA: No, I didn't care.

CUOMO: As long as the lifestyle and the way that the big events went in your life were Jewish, according to that culture and faith, you were okay with it?

REBECCA: As far as I was concerned, he decided whether to be Jewish or not.

CUOMO: He did? This was his decision?

REBECCA: Oh, yes, but I mean-- I mean in terms of what you believe in yourself. I didn't need a ceremony to-- to decide that he was Jewish. If he wad deciding for himself to be Jewish, and we were having-- and-- and-- and-- and this is the Jewish home that we were building, it was immaterial to me whether we had a piece of paper that said he was Jewish or not.

CUOMO: So, it was important to you that he become Jewish, at least in his head and his heart?

REBECCA: That he dec-- that-- that-- that was a choice that he made, absolutely. And if it wasn't a choice that he was willing to make, that's fine. It's just-- he just couldn't-- we just couldn't be together.

CUOMO: Did your parents like him?

REBECCA: My parents had problems with Joseph, from the very beginning.


REBECCA: Because they didn't see him treat me very well. It had nothing to do with whether he was Jewish or not, he could've been Orthodox Jews-- an Orthodox Jew, it wouldn't have made any difference. All that they wanted was for him to be good to me. And they didn't see him be good to me.

CUOMO: Were they right?

REBECCA: I didn't think so.

CUOMO: Were you wrong?

REBECCA: I don't know. We-- it-- it turned into a toxic relationship. By the end, it was a-- a-- a-- a poisonous home. And that's why I left. But, at the time, I made the right decision for me. And it didn't make them happy, and--

CUOMO: Did they have facts? Did they point to things? Or was it just a feeling, "I don't like the way he looks at you. I don't like the way he talks to you." What was it?

REBECCA: That's not-- that's not really the conversation that we had. I'd made a decision. When I made that decision, they respected that decision. But they-- they didn't like him. If they didn't like him, it was because they didn't see him treat me well. It had nothing to do with Judaism. It had nothing to do with how we practiced Judaism. They would've loved anybody who treated me well, and then Ela.

CUOMO: The idea that Joseph converted to Judaism to please your parents, so they would accept him, fair?

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