EXCLUSIVE: Va.Tech Gunman Ordered to Get Treatment at On-Campus Facility, Lawyer Says


"I don't think there's anything Tech could have done differently. I don't think they dropped the ball," Kelly told ABC News. Whether or not the laws and regulations need to change, she said, is a separate question.

Two weeks after the shooting, plans for improved access to mental health care are already under way at Cook Counseling center. The center's staff are hoping to expand the counseling resources for students as soon as this summer.

"We are trying to meet the emotional needs of all students, including those who are graduating or will be in Blacksburg this summer," said Cook's Flynn, in an earlier interview with ABC News.

After the shootings, roughly 300 mental health volunteers were available on campus to assist students. The counseling center says it is seeing "more students than average" for this time of year because of the massacre.

Meanwhile, the questions and the scrutiny of mental health practices continue.

"Would this have had a different outcome if we had caught [Cho's mental problems] sooner? We'll never know," Kelly said.

"Early intervention, early diagnosis are crucial. And our system isn't really good at making that happen."

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