Transcript: Gen. Casey, Steele vs Kaine

LUNTZ: But the public is more upset and more angry about wasteful Washington spending than any other issue. And that is what brings out the anger in them. If I may give you a preview of 2010, the Democrats in Congress passed a $1 trillion health care bill, last year. Remember that? A $1 trillion? So, tell me, are paying less today than you did a year ago? Is your health care better today than it was a year ago? Is it really worth $1 trillion and higher taxes, higher spending and higher debt for your children? Yep, the Democrats made you spend $1 trillion on health care. Remember that when you go to the polls on Tuesday.



BRAZILE: Well, but if we have created jobs and we put the country on a better economic foundation for the future, and the Republicans just said no, crying and whining and screaming along the way, I think Democrats will get the benefit of the doubt.

But look, historically speaking, Democrats will face some losses next year. I think we all know that. Franklin Roosevelt in '34 did not. George Bush in 2002 did not. But that aside, I think Democrats shouldn't take the wrong lessons from Tuesday. Lesson, I think, is that, yes, swing voters, independents, behaved as Republicans. There were soft Democrats in '06 and '08; they gave the Republican s some love this time. But that love as we all know is in short supply because what they want, they want change and they want someone who can deliver.

ROBERTS: But, you see, Frank's point is to a real dilemma for the administration. Because they know they've got to get more jobs out there. And the president keeps saying give me ideas for job creation. Give me ideas, give me ideas.

STEPHANOPOULOS: After health care.

ROBERTS: After health care.

But government spending is very unpopular. So, how do you do it? How do you find some sort of stimulus for jobs without adding to the deficit? And that is --

DONALDSON: You can't. I mean -- you have to sometimes...


ROBERTS: You have to find a way to make people less made about the deficit and that is not going to be easy.

DONALDSON: Paul Krugman is often on this program, "The New York Times" columnist, and I think he's right. We are going to have to have more stimulus, more spending. You say, well, that is terrible. Frank, you say you hand it to the Republicans.


DONALDSON: We don't come out of the recession. Oh, good. Tremendous. In other words, which is worse? More spending, more debt -- which we have got to take care of -- but we come out of the recession because of it. Or let's just stay with a lot of people out of work.

STEPHANOPOULOS: George, the Democrats seem to have concluded that even though there's a lot of qualms in their caucus on this health care bill, that falling to act, failing to address this problem that people are concerned about, is much more, more worse.

WILL: You mean health care?

STEPHANOPOULOS: And they have to take the risk.

WILL: I think, A, Donna is right. Health care is about fourth on the list of what caused the problem in 1994. Not the least 30, 40 years, I guess it was, of Democrat control in the House of Representatives. Yes, their argument seems to be we have to pass the bill because we started to pass the bill. That's not a very powerful argument.

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