George Stephanopoulos' Interview With Former Gov. Mitt Romney

STEPHANOPOULOS: He denies that, of course.

ROMNEY: Well, but look at the bill. Look at the bill. He tries to turn and twist. The bill that he came out with, the last bill that he stood up with Senator Kennedy and the others and said this is our bill, it provides for a Z visa, a temporary visa for everyone here illegally, and it says it's renewable indefinitely. That is a permanent right to stay in America.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So I'm going to take that as a yes and move on.


STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, it really did seem last night like you…

ROMNEY: And by the way, the good news, let me just underscore something else. For me the good news is - see, he's been talking out there about how now he learned his lesson. He wants to secure the border. He wants to secure the border first. He's been diverting from the fact that he continues to believe that the aliens that are here illegally should be able to stay.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you're standing by your ads. You believe it's amnesty?

ROMNEY: Oh absolutely, it's right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let's move on because last night you seemed to take hits from just about everyone on that stage.

ROMNEY: Wasn't that great? It was terrific.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I can't believe you believe it was great and terrific but…

ROMNEY: It puts me - it's like the guy with the ball is the guy people are trying to tackle so I'm delighted to have everybody talking about me, you know, it's like that old joke I'll talk about me, when I get finished why don't you talk about me.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, let me show you, you didn't look so delighted last night.

ROMNEY (from debate): Don't try and characterize my position. Of course this war has not…

MCCAIN (from debate): Which one?

MCCAIN (from debate): I just wanted to say to Governor Romney, we disagree on a lot of issues, but I agree you are the candidate of change.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It seems like this flip-flopper charge has stuck.

ROMNEY: Yeah, I think the McCain campaign from the very beginning did a masterful political job of trying to tag me with that and it keeps on being promoted and promulgated. And that's just the way it is. I have to live with that. I keep on describing how my positions are entirely consistent with the actions I took as governor. I was a governor four years. Every aspect of my presidential campaign follows entirely from the actions I took as governor. But, you know, they'll pull back a quote from 1994 when I was running against Ted Kennedy and on the issue of abortion I did change my mind on that. And I know there are some who just will never forgive you for becoming pro-life, but I'm not going to apologize for that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, there seemed to be something else going on on the stage last night. I just wonder what you think about it. I watched Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, all of them jumping on and it seems like they have almost a visceral dislike of you.

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