'This Week' Transcript: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

TERRY MORAN, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: That's right, George. What a whirlwind of talks just then. Just a few hours ago, there was this huge anticipation, even a giddiness in diplomatic circles that this historic first step confidence building deal was about to be done.

And what happened as you point out, well the French happened, as Secretary Kerry concluded marathon talks directly with Iranian officials, unprecedented sight there really. The French stepped in and said this proposal wasn't tough enough. They wanted more restrictions on Iran's ability to enrich uranium, control of a new reactor that might produce plutonium. And they called a halt to it all.

The Iranians have responded on Twitter. Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei is on Twitter, naturally. And he said that French officials have been openly hostile to the Iranian nation. But the talks will continue.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Secretary Kerry hoping that they can reach a deal by November 20th?

MORAN: That's right, that's when talks resume. And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who lobbied very intently to bring a halt to this impending deal, said that he was happy with the delay, but that he doesn't fool himself. He believes a deal will get done. And make no mistake, George, it is historic in proportions and will change that region.

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, Terry, thank very much. Let's take this right to Governor Chris Christie. First, congratulations on your win Tuesday. You have heard these reports out of Geneva. Secretary Kerry still optimistic. Benjamin Netanyahu calling the deal dangerous.

Where do you come down this? What would you need to see from Iran in order to support relieving sanctions?

CHRISTIE: Well, you know, George, I have to tell you something, I think there are people who are significantly better briefed on this than I am as the governor of New Jersey. And I think it's dangerous for folks like me to get involved in the middle of this and start giving opinions.

Listen, we have to let Secretary Kerry do his work. And then once we see the produce of that work, we can all make a judgment. But, right now, I'm not briefed well enough to be able to give an opinion.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But can you support a deal that allows Iran to continue to enrich uranium?

CHRISTIE: Yeah, George, listen, I'm the governor of New Jersey. And I think for me to be expressing opinions on this this morning would be ill-advised. And I'm not going to do it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, then let's turn to your win on Tuesday.

Already, your potential rivals, if you decide to run in 2016, are out there praising your big win in the state, but also questioning, I guess, how well you're going to travel. When Rand Paul was asked if you're the man to beat in 2016, he called you a moderate and then he added this...


SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: You know, I think the party in general is more conservative. I think there's room for moderates in the party. I think it will be more difficult, states like Iowa are very conservative, South Carolina is very conservative, New Hampshire I think is conservative with a little bit of a libertarian bend.


STEPHANOPOULOS: He said that it's a tough road for you, is he right? So is he right? Can you play in places like Iowa and South Carolina?

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