'This Week' Transcript: Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush

And Jon, let me start with you. There were really no winners, according to President Obama, in the government shutdown in having it re-open but he will make some gains he seems to think. How does he do that? How does he continue forward?

KARL: Well, look, the big thing here is after the downgrade in 2011 the president brought in senior staff and said we are not going to do this again. We have to end government by crisis. So he drew the line, a red line if you will, Martha, on this, that he wasn't going to debate over the debt ceiling. He managed to break it. The Republicans gave it entirely.

Now the question is what does he do with it? He's still five years in almost, does not have a bipartisan legislative accomplishment. Is he finally now going to be able to work with the Republicans on something? Big question.

RADDATZ: And that question to you, Jeff Zeleny. Are the Republicans willing to work with him suddenly now?

JEFF ZELENY, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, that is the real question. Was there a lesson learned? Did Republicans learn their lesson? And it depends who you talk to. If you talk to Senator Ted Cruz, as Jon did, he says we are going to fight again, a shutdown was worth it. But not Mitch McConnell. The leader of Republicans in the Senate, he says a shutdown will not happen again.

So the sense that I get from talking to so many Republicans across the board is that they know this hurt the brand of the party. They know that they must come to some type of an agreement here.

But the argument is still the same. Republicans do not want to give on taxes and Democrats don't want to give on entitlements. So, we're nearly in the same position but it's a smaller deal we're talking about. So I think they'll work something out. I don't think there will be another shutdown.

RADDATZ: A bit of a rerun, Jon?

KARL: Yeah, I think so. And there's also a question, a lot of Democrats want to hit the Republicans while they're down. They see a chance for another wave election in 2014, that's not really something that, you know, would say compromise is in the air.

RADDATZ: Thank you, Jon. Thank you, Jeff. We'll look forward to it.

And now let's welcome the House Democratic Leader, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Welcome, Leader Pelosi.

PELOSI: Good morning.

RADDATZ: We sit here after two outrageous weeks. I know you can blame Republicans for this, but Americans look at what happened, most of them, with disgust. They blame all of congress. What responsibility do you bear to move Washington forward, to change the mood in Washington, to make the American people proud again?

PELOSI: Well, I join the American people in their disgust at what happened in terms of the shutdown of government, that's an unthinkable tactic to use in the political debate.

But I will say that I'm very proud of my House Democrats and the Senate Democrats as well. In September, we said to the speaker, we don't like the number that you have put forth, but we will give you 100 percent of the Democratic votes in order for you to bring it to the floor and pass it no matter what the votes are on your side. We think that will produce a majority. And they stood there before the shutdown and then almost every day after on the steps of the Capitol signing letters and signing petitions to say bring it to the floor.

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