Single on Valentine's Day? B&Bs for the Broken-Hearted

When her friend David Dier, also divorced, came to help run the inn, she gave him a Valentine's Day card on Feb. 15. "We decided to do an UN-Valentine's Day for people like us," she said. "So there's a day for both of us that doesn't have all the accoutrements -- the dozens of roses, the bottles of champagne."

With rates starting at $165 per night, fellow divorcees and singles can endure the holiday with a breakfast buffet and an evening chocolate and dessert buffet on Feb. 15. "I think there are a lot of people out there who think, 'I hate Valentine's Day, but I don't want to admit it,' "said Scofield.

And a B&B, she added, may be the perfect place to find someone who feels exactly the same way.

Singles who love to ski may meet a fellow snow bunny at Whitney's Inn, located in Jackson, N.H. From a singles' welcome reception on Friday to a chairlift speed dating event on Saturday, loneliness will be the last thing at hand. After making a new friend, singles can enjoy a dinner for two and a free sleigh ride.

As befits New York City, where subtlety is rarely on anyone's menu, the Muse Hotel offers a "Cupid is Stupid" package deal, which includes complimentary cocktails and in-room movies. Or there's the "Valentine's Day Ball" for singles at the Buckingham Hotel and Grayline double-decker bus tours to enjoy with friends.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

But all these packages aren't necessarily for everyone.

Theresa Braine, a single New York City resident, says that although these events would be fun, she'd hesitate to jump in and make a reservation. "I'm always wary of the types of events where the only thing that you have in common with people is that you're single," she said.

Braine wants people to know that being single isn't necessarily a bad thing. "For a woman, it's not as devastating to not have a man in your life as people think," she said. "Being single is not necessarily being alone -- they're not synonyms."

Karina House, a 21-year-old student at the University of Texas, thinks that the New Orleans "Get Over Him" package is amusing but seems to go a little overboard. "Ice cream is good for anyone, but the voodoo dolls seem a little presumptuous," she said. "Not everyone who is single is angry."

Shapiro says that singles should stick to what feels right to them. "The best thing my shrink ever told me about relationships that totally saved my life was 'Love does not make you happy, make yourself happy.'" She says that Valentine's Day doesn't need to be about someone else or the lack thereof. "Whatever it is that's going to make you feel better, whether it's sitting at home eating chocolates by yourself or going to kooky parties or voodooing, the whole trick is to forget everybody else. What makes you happy will make you feel better." contributor Allison Ignacio is a member of the University of Texas's ABC News on Campus bureau.

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