Ex-Flight Attendant Reveals 1st Class Gossip, Celebrity Fabulousness


“I gave her all of this Dom [Perignon] and I thought, ‘Oh great, they are taking pictures of her getting off the plane and I’m going to get in trouble.’ But she actually blogged about me and the experience in a travel column not long after and it was very special.”

But while some A-listers like Cate Blanchett, who arrived “with all of these designer gowns” can come across “like royalty,” other famous faces behave strangely, said Beddall.

“There is this famous Aussie supermodel who comes from a very average suburb in Australia,” he said. “She speaks English but will pretend not to and would only speak in French on flights. She would speak to her suitor in French and he would translate to us and then tell her what we said and we knew that she spoke English.”

Others in first class take liberties in more exhibitionist ways.

“There have been many travelers who clearly enjoy entertaining people in the toilets,” said Beddall. “Ralph Fiennes famously shagged a flight attendant in the toilet on a Qantas flight from Australia to India. But he’s certainly not the only one.”

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