Families stretch their physical limits on multisport vacations

That night's dinner at the Mangy Moose saloon in Teton Village is raucous, and everyone downs generous portions of pasta, steak and buffalo meat loaf. The next morning, the kids take over the van's sound system. Kevin Walker, 14, hands up an iPod of his favorite tunes, which instead of the adult-dreaded rap turn out to be Pink Floyd and heavy metal.

Day 5 is much-awaited rock climbing, with kids in one group, adults in another. Led by a cool-dude instructor, the kids get lessons in self-control.

"I can't wait till we get higher," Patrick says. As he goes up fast, instructor Mark Givens admonishes: "It's not a race. Life is sweet."

Dad Rob finishes in style and says, "Had I known (how high they would climb), I never would have gone."

You'd think adventure couldn't get more super-charged, but it does on the last day.

Whitewater is a thrill (Rob falls out on a big rapid and is dramatically pulled back into the raft). The trip's climax was billed as a gentle bike ride on a road in Antelope Flats in Grand Teton National Park. Suddenly, grazing bison turn into charging beasts, racing across the road near the cyclists.

Sherry moves the van into a defensive position, shielding her charges. The herd passes, leaving the relieved multisporters in their dust. Says Meg Walker, "I've had enough stimulation to last a lifetime."

But her nephew Patrick has the last word. "That was cool!"

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