Boeing 787 Dreamliner Deemed Safe Despite Mishaps

The FAA orders a comprehensive review of the aircraft's design, manufacturing and assembly.
1:39 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boeing 787 Dreamliner Deemed Safe Despite Mishaps
It's called the dreamliner the Boeing 787. And it has the most cutting -- technology in the sky. But recent incidents have raised warning flags about the aircraft safety and today federal transportation officials announced a comprehensive review. This review. Will cover the critical systems of the aircraft including. Design. Manufacturing. And assembly. But his newest aircraft the dreamliner relies on high tech electrical signal to help -- -- systems. It's made with carbon fiber instead of aluminum which allows it to get better fuel mileage and federal officials insisted today the plane -- safe. But in the last week significant causes for concern. Overnight a three foot long crack appeared in the cockpit window of the 787 flying in Japan. On Monday a fire broke out in the battery pack of a power unit and the Japan airlines plane on the tarmac at Boston's Logan Airport. Also this week a Boston to Tokyo flight was delayed due to a fuel leak and but -- each with a sophisticated electrical system that have raised the most concerns it's a very good battery and we're not sure exactly what happened -- Some experts at a big issue for Boeing is that he outsource more of the dreamliner is manufacturing process. Than it has for other parts of its fleet these are not an issue of the outsourcing during -- review the dreamliner can continue to fly we believe this is a safe. Aircraft. Hopefully that's reassurance for the thousands of passengers on board more than 150 dreamliner flight today. Reporting from Washington Karen Travers channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18192194,"title":"Boeing 787 Dreamliner Deemed Safe Despite Mishaps","duration":"1:39","description":"The FAA orders a comprehensive review of the aircraft's design, manufacturing and assembly. ","url":"/Travel/video/boeing-787-dreamliner-deemed-safe-mishaps-18192194","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}