Vegas Hangover Cure on Wheels

The "Hangover Heaven" bus provides cures for people who drink too much.
2:54 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Vegas Hangover Cure on Wheels
I'm time after the next and where -- -- Friday eve not we're getting closer to the weekend with me like. Maybe it's not enjoying some adult beverages maybe taken -- a little too far so this is sure there is -- hangover from. Bus that they have in Las Vegas -- only. I don't wanna -- -- -- -- -- that things do you get on the bus I'll have a few options here seem to get what they called for redemption it's ninety bucks and they could get to and I need -- -- -- -- -- and Italy that's on your way -- -- that I he had been pretty good -- -- -- pay -- 150 about. And you get the IBE you get and has not -- -- magazine. Medicine. And vitamin therapy -- can be there for half hour 45 minutes and he's got me feel like a million -- -- it. In the news business we do so many hangover -- stories are coming here when I immediately to -- out that actually. I mean an -- if you can't like his stomach so moss as he can't get enough hydration and exactly problem we get tobacco and feed my. After they only younger and I guess on Saturday's -- -- I think it and they can't set that make it is -- singled him it's actually our let's let's take a look -- -- -- that we businesses. Been dubbed the -- -- in history and only cost -- half million dollar got out pianist Margaret Hamburg and you need is only going to be three. He's made apparently Edmonds popular automotive website called the -- -- -- I sort of know what they mean apparently the web sites and every support. Cliche every bad idea and let -- -- ever had stepped into one overpriced show car. It looks like some kind of -- transformer like that now owns it Timor problem that is it's -- -- Ridiculously -- in ten years I think that's definitely classic clean lines that -- resentment but is Deborah maybe not but maybe not -- The price and if I get that kind of funny and I don't know what class well if -- -- -- -- -- kind of money on a car then maybe -- -- -- big bucks on homes that -- new list of the top ten. Richest zip codes. An eight out of ten of them are in California Florida some people are going for the warm weather we'll -- -- the list here out number one. Beverly Hills, California at this list we -- to put out excludes New York City so I intentionally so the first is Beverly -- then Aspin. Once you know California Bel Air California and then Miami Beach and Miami also made the list to Miami Beach and Miami on that list. And -- New York's not on that right all right lastly I love this story you can get a million bucks -- -- find bigfoot. Gets even better Olympia -- from the north from the Pacific northwest where they -- basically is essentially central rain is offering a million dollars to anyone -- can ensure the safe capture. We'll provide irrefutable evidence. All of bigfoot and you've -- you can't use violence -- guns or knives -- not. -- -- Yeah hey yeah. It's the only commission or in big twelve million bucks in the bottom folks -- Got to be wasted on Olympia when you find him either because -- -- blowing -- -- -- here.

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{"id":18930170,"title":"Vegas Hangover Cure on Wheels ","duration":"2:54","description":"The \"Hangover Heaven\" bus provides cures for people who drink too much.","url":"/Travel/video/vegas-hangover-cure-wheels-18930170","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}