Holiday Stress: 10 Ways to Survive, and Enjoy, the Season


6. Set up a family jigsaw puzzle of a fabulous Christmas or holiday scene that could take your family the month to finish. Your family may balk at the start, but it will draw you together in ways you perhaps haven't been.

7. If you have spouse or a significant other, invite them this year to swap a different kind of gift with you. This year, you are going to write each other letters. You can share your heart and thoughts on just what you mean to each other through the written word. It is amazing how much people learn about how they feel and how the person who loves them feels. The letter can contain some sort of doing, an act of giving that you will give one another. Bring the romance back, free of charge!

8. Take the family caroling. Singing beautiful Christmas songs in a group, regardless of your religion, age, ability to sing, gender, race or patience level, can bring a surprising amount of pleasure to those who allow the experience into their hearts. There's at least a moment in caroling where the feeling of Christmas seeps in and reminds us why, beneath it all, we actually love this time of year. Consider it a hammer-over-the-head reminder that in order to enjoy our lives we have to first live in the experiences we're having.

9. Use the season to remind yourself of the things in life that matter to you. They are there for the taking if you make the right choices. Gone, it feels, are the days when we spent small periods during the day thinking about our lives and our feelings. Those short moments of thought have been stolen from our lives by the accessibility we now have. Try and grab back some of the random, quiet moments our lives used to hold. Give yourself those moments alone in the car or quiet in the house or with nothing to your ear while you walk. See what it feels like.

10. Make a Commitment. Let's be real. None of us will be able to implement all of these ideas in one season. We're creatures of habit and habits are tough to break. But perhaps we can cherry-pick just a few of the ideas that most resonate for our lives and for us. Try it and commit to an idea with conviction. It's the only way to make change.

The one thing we know for sure is that this time comes once a year. Yes, it may arrive too quickly and, for sure, it comes with a burden of responsibility. But the reality of where our lives have landed doesn't have to stop the magic.

~Happy Happy and Merry Merry~

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