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World Bank pledges $5 billion in Iraq aid

The World Bank has said it will contribute between $3bn and $5bn over the next five years towards the rebuilding of Iraq. (BBC)

Use of Turkish troops in Iraq in doubt

The prospect of thousands of Turkish troops entering Iraq to relieve strain on American forces appears to have dimmed, although Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld says he remains hopeful that Turkey will find a way to follow through on its offer to help. (AP),1280,-3295017,00.html

Plan: send more reserves to Iraq

The Pentagon plans to rotate into Iraq as many as 30,000 more reservists early next year, defense officials said Tuesday. (Newsday),0,780777.story?coll=ny-worldnews-headlines

Baghdad suicide bomber not Iraqi - source

The man who carried out the suicide operation near Baghdad hotel was an Arab, but not Iraqi, a security official confirmed to Al Hayat. A hotel guard who survived the attack and spoke to the man minutes before he stormed with his car towards the hotel said he did not have an Iraqi accent. (Al Hayat)

Baffled occupiers, or the missed understandings

Pollsters and journalists have been busy asking Iraqis how they feel about the Americans on their streets, but there is a potentially more important issue. How do the Americans here feel about the Iraqis? Will they ever feel comfortable enough in this alien culture to finish the job they started?

Yemen says Saddam's wife not in the country

"Well-informed Yemeni sources" denied that Saddam Hussein's wife Sajida was in Sana'a in reaction to earlier reports about her being seen at one of the hotels in the capital. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Editorial: Who said crime is useless?

The lies of Mohammad Seed Sahaf are no less than a crime perpetrated against the Iraqis than the crimes of Saddam Hussein. (Al Hayat)

Editorial: Security: Iraq's fourth war

Anyone speaking or listening to the "Iraqis inside," who have been living for years through wars that exhausted their country and under international sanctions that impoverished them, realize that these people's views differ from what is being written in the press and foreign media. (Al Hayat)

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