Police Hunt for Missing Infant After Grandmother Found Murdered

VIDEO: Amber Alert issued for 10-month-old girl abducted from a suburban Philadelphia apartment.PlayABCNEWS.com
WATCH Pennsylvania Baby Missing After Grandmother's Murder

Police are searching for a 10-month-old baby who was snatched from her grandmother's home after she was murdered on Monday.

Police in Upper Merion Township, Pa., said today they believe someone entered the apartment where Satyavathi Venna was babysitting her granddaughter, Saanvi Venna, Monday morning. The grandmother was then killed and the infant taken from the apartment between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., according to a statement from police.

The FBI has joined local police to search for the missing child, who is of Indian descent and has black hair and brown eyes.

Satyavathi Venna, was found dead inside the apartment and is believed to have been murdered. An autopsy on her body is being conducted today, police said. The 61-year-old Indian citizen was visiting her son and his family in Pennsylvania for six months, from July 2012 to January 2013, police said.

Venkata Konda Shiva Venna, the father of the missing baby and the son of the murdered woman, begged for the return of his daughter.

"If someone finds my baby, could you please bring my baby back?" Shiva Venna told WPVI. "Don't do any harm to the baby. Please, please help me in this matter."

Investigators are attempting to identify suspects who may have a motive to harm members of the Venna family, police said in a statement today.

Police searched an apartment complex in King of Prussia, Pa., Monday and towed a blue sedan car from the parking lot to the police department, WPVI reported.

The Upper Merion Township police have issued an Amber Alert for the child. They have declined to answer specific questions about the crimes.