Colorado Shooting Survivors Try to Heal


About 20 miles away, shooting victim Zack Golditch was at home resting after being shot in the neck. He is taking comfort in the outpouring of support he has received on Facebook and Twitter from family, friends and strangers alike.

Golditch, 17, was in theater eight, right next door to where Holmes allegedly sprayed the audience with bullets. Some of the stray bullets went through the wall and entered theater eight.

Unlike the quiet movie scene playing in theater nine when the shooting broke out, theater eight was in the middle of a gun battle scene. So Golditch at first thought the sound was from the movie, until he saw smoke in the corner of the theater and noticed that another man was bleeding from his arm.

"I heard a bang behind my head and thought someone in the upper row had tossed a firecracker and it hit me," Golditch told "My ears were ringing, I was in shock and fell into my friend's lap next to me. I was yelling from the pain in my head and felt blood dripping really bad in my hands. Then I realized I was hit."

Golditch ran out of the theater and saw that his hand was covered in blood.

"I saw other people start to run out and looked to my left to theater nine and everyone was running out," he said. "Everyone was running out screaming, like it is in the movies."

Golditch left the theater building and didn't look back.

"I just ran as far as I could -- across the parking lot, across the street to the mall parking lot. I called 911 and said, 'I'm hit. I'm bleeding a lot,'" he said.

A group of construction workers saw him covered in blood and took hold of him. Golditch said one was a former army doctor who used a towel to put pressure on his neck and kept him in conversation until help arrived.

At the hospital, Golditch discovered that the bullet that hit him entered his neck right below his left earlobe and exited below his hairline. He said he feels pain in that area and cannot feel part of his left ear.

"It's difficult to wrap your head around that you're actually part of this instead of just hearing about it," he said. "I guess I really went through something tragic."

On Saturday, Golditch, a senior at Gateway High School, went to a vigil at the school in honor of classmate AJ Boik, one of 12 people killed in the shooting.

"They wrote out his name in candles on the track and I was looking and thinking, this could have been my name written in candles on the track," Golditch said. "It's scary to think about, so I try not to. I'm grateful that I'm here."

Golditch, a star football player, is focused on healing and said doctors tell him he should be back on the field in about a month. He was recruited to play football for Colorado State University and gave them his verbal commitment just last month. He expects to make a full recovery.

For now, he rests at home and has been watching media coverage of the shooting, with mixed emotions.

When asked how he feels when he sees Holmes on TV, he said, "I don't really want to wish bad upon anyone, but I just think when I saw his face on TV -- he was smiling and it's just really disturbing. I do think he deserves to be punished."

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