'7 Days of Sex': Can It Save a Marriage?

On the show, Anthony Sinopoli did try to win back his wife's affection with a little vacation -- a camping trip -- but it nearly backfired. He surprised her with a luxurious tent, but there's no spa. At first, his wife was disappointed, but she grew to appreciate the gesture.

Something else the couples on "7 Days of Sex" learned about each other: While the men wanted foreplay, the women fantasize about "chore-play" -- husbands picking up after themselves and the children.

"Don't treat me like a maid," Chantal James said.

But she did give her husband the spice he was looking for too, and hired a lap dancing coach.

It seemed as if these couples were really trying, and love might have been there all along. It was just about finding it again.

"There's something about a real awakening ... their sense of being lovers together," Real said. "[It] reminds people of what they're doing here. And that can help."

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