How to Ease Dog's Fireworks Freakout

"He tries to crawl in my pocket. He is a wreck," Perkins told "He sits there and pants and tries to hide anywhere he can and shakes. If you put the shirt on him he'll lay on the bed. There is a definite difference when he has the shirt on."

But why is it that 50 pound dogs think they are lap dogs when fireworks go off?

"The ears of dogs are very sensitive," Millan told "Dogs get over stimulated often by sounds."

Dog owners often use high-pitched, loud voices to get their dog excited. That is one of the main problems with July 4, Millan said, dogs get excited by the loud fireworks. Also, when owners hug their dogs, it encourages the excitement.

Another problem is that most dogs do not get enough physical challenge. The majority of dogs in America walk an average of 15-20 minutes a day, Millan said. In order to remain calm, they need much more than that.

"A dog spends too much time behind walls without going outside to drain energy," Millan said. "Their level of frustration is so high that it will take loud sounds to have a nervous breakdown"

Millan advises to act more like a paramedic to your dog than a family member when it is freaking out over thunder or fireworks. When taking care of others, paramedics stay very calm. You staying calm is the key to your buddy staying calm.

"Dogs can pick up on your vibe," Millan said. "They are wondering why you are getting so concerned, upset, bothered. Then the sound comes and they think 'oh that's what it was.'"

For more tips on how to relax your dog, visit Millan's website. The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan returns to Nat Geo WILD for the 9thand final season on July 7th at 8 pm ET/PT.

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