Convicted Murderer Justin Walker's Facebook Page Has Been Disabled by the Social Network


Having a cell phone inside a state prison is a felony in Oklahoma, said Massie, and Walker will likely face "further charges" stemming from his apparent possession of drugs, too. This could mean additional years tacked onto his sentence as well as an extended stay in the restrictive segregated unit where he is currently housed.

Massie said the prison is looking into how Walker managed to get the phone, and said it's possible a rogue corrections officer gave it to him or that a visitor illegally smuggled it onto the prison grounds.

"Cell phones have become a very hot item that inmates are wanting to get into prison," he said.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but has previously told ABC News that the site has no policy against inmates having Facebook pages but said that it is against the rules if someone from the outside is operating the page.

Mother of Murder Victim Furious with Inmate's Freedom

Massie said the inmate was "very quiet" when he was caught.

Massie said prison policies banning cell phones stems from a concern over inmates having "unmonitored conversations with people on the outside who could potentially arrange drug deals, escape attempts or harass victims."

"I have no idea what he was trying to do, but he probably regrets it now," said Massie.

As for Walker's victim's mother, Lawrence says that she and her family will continue to "suffer the consequences of Walker's acts of violence."

Asked if she had a message for Walker, Lawrence said, '"I think he needs to be told, 'You're such an idiot, at least you have a cell to live in and a line to wait in. At least you have a life. It might not be much of one, but it's a life you chose. You did this to you.'"

"He doesn't deserve to live," she said.

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