Busy FBI Arrest Two More in Terror Stings

Smadi also allegedly said, "The point is that thousands of Muslims have been killed in Gaza and the hand of Jews-the-dogs and the silent disloyal backsliders."

Undercover FBI Agents Spent Months Tracking Terror Suspect

In a discussion 10 days later, Smadi allegedly said, "We shall attack them in a manner that hurts, an attack that shakes the world." According to the FBI affidavit, FBI undercover employees had about 55 conversations with Smadi from March until his arrest.

Defense lawyers for Smadi will likely try to say he was entrapped. In an April 4, 2009, communication, the FBI undercover employee told the young Jordanian, "The operation we are planning will be, with God's help, a big painful attack that requires the participation of many brothers like you." The undercover also tried to counsel Smadi: "You may perform jihad in a less dangerous way, such as jihad using your money or in training yourself to avoid sins."

Agents also asked Smadi in the April 4, 2009, communication to consider "What jihad do you seek?"

Three days later, Smadi told the undercover, "I have chosen to be Mujahid with my self, blood, soul and body. I shall support Osama. I shall kill and behead the backslider operatives in the Levant and land of Muslims."

In the next month, the FBI began to meet with Smadi in person in hotels in and around Dallas, according to the FBI affidavit. In a May meeting, Smadi told his FBI handler, "I want to destroy...targets...everything that helps America on its war on Arabs."

In meetings in late June, Smadi discussed targeting military recruitment centers, such as was done in Little Rock in a June 1, 2009, shooting which killed an Army private. He also allegedly considered banks and economic targets. As their meetings continued, the FBI asked Smadi to consider his role in jihad on July 4. The undercover told Smadi, "If you have any hesitation, now is the time to change your mind."

FBI: Dallas Terror Suspect Wanted to Attack on 9/11 Anniversary

Smadi allegedly replied, "This is my decision. I hope you accept me as a brother amongst you as our path is one."

By July, the FBI alleges Smadi had chosen to target the office building at Fountain Place in Dallas, which held offices for Wells Fargo. By August, the FBI alleges that Smadi was indicating he wanted to undertake his attack on the 9/11 anniversary. On Aug. 26, 2009, at a hotel meeting in Dallas, Smadi allegedly told the FBI undercover, "I want to bring down the whole building."

The two discussed using C-4 and blasting caps to design their bomb, which would be placed in a vehicle. According to the FBI, Smadi allegedly described placing the bomb would be "a wonderful thing. I want to enter to plant the bomb."

FBI agents and the undercover employee posing as a member of the al Qaeda cell constructed an inert device in a 2001 Fort Explorer. On Sept. 20, Smadi allegedly said, "Let the drums of victory be struck in our holiday. May this only be the beginning."

The FBI affidavit notes that on Thursday, Smadi along with the undercover made their final preparations for planting the bomb with Smadi inspecting the device in the SUV. "Smadi alone and believing himself to be in possession of a weapon of mass destruction, did drive a vehicle containing the [Bomb] through the streets of downtown Dallas toward his planned target location.

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