Financial Stress: Tips to Lessen Your Load and Rebuild Your Bank Account


STAY IN THE MOMENT: We've heard it our whole lives, and it is the truth. Nothing is more effective than living your life in the moment, particularly in times like these. When thoughts of the future and what we might not have, or might not be able to do, come in and induce fear inevitably stress follows. Force yourself to focus on the moment you are in. It can help you feel less of a burden to stress about the things what will be, whether you think about them or not. Your stress will have to wait its turn!

ALLOCATE A TIME FOR STRESS: Put into practice the idea that you will no longer allow the things that stress you to monopolize your thoughts all day long. As the issues we worry about come and in and out of our thoughts during the day, we can become overwhelmed with fear and question. We then roll that wheel over and over until our stress becomes perfectly destructive. Make the commitment to pick a specific time in your day-which is the only time in the day you allow yourself to think about the topic of stress. Put yourself in the driver's seat and manage it, rather than letting your stress manage you.

KNOW YOUR NEEDS vs. WANTS: Most of us can use a reminder about the difference between the terms "need" and "want." Understanding the difference is often more difficult for adults than it is for children, but once we're able to wrap ourselves around the reality that most of what we spend money on is really a want; it can help instill the perspective many of us are missing today. Give yourself a test. Write down what you spend in a day, and circle the things you really needed. When you see how many items were wants and not needs, you will be surprised, but also relieved to have found another way to lessen your spending and, in turn, your stress.

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