Fla. Grandfather Reclaims His Identity After 17 Years


Kidd had "absolutely no remorse for what he had done to this guy. When confronted and shown that he was not Larry Smith, he said, 'Well I must have amnesia, I don't want to talk anymore,'" Hudson said.

Larry Smith first noticed that something wasn't right when he didn't receive a tax refund in 2004.

"I filed my income taxes and I was supposed to get a refund of $704.80," Smith said.

His refund was sent to California to pay a fine for a fraud charge that he knew nothing about.

To this day, Smith receives bills from collection agencies and Medicare that don't belong to him.

"I've got a 500 page-folder from the last 10 years and I go through it every day," he said. "Florida was going to suspend my driver's license that I've had for 40 years unless I paid $426 that the California Highway Patrol said that I owed them."

Smith was able to straighten that ordeal out and keep his license.

When he received the bill for a cataract surgery he had in Florida on May 21, 2010, he was charged for an ambulance ride in California on the same day.

"How can I be in Florida and California at the same time?" Smith said.

Kidd, reportedly, had been rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Sacramento, Ca., Smith said.

Smith's family constantly worried about him, his daughter said.

"How did this happen? Is this guy going to do something serious and hurt somebody and dad would be accused," Dyanna Williams said.

Williams helped her dad contact identity theft agencies and helps him sort through all the bills he constantly receives.

Now that Kidd is in custody, Smith, a father of three and grandfather of nine, said he can finally rest a little easier. But undoing the damage that has been done will take time.

"I've been doing this for 15 years and I've never seen such a successful takeover of a man's identity, just ruin a man's life," detective Hudson said.

"Undoing 17 years of damage to this guy will take years to fix, but I'm committed to making sure Mr. Smith is no longer considered a felon and I want to give him back his medical benefits."

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