Humor and Determination Key to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Recovery


"It's something we will continue to talk about, and I think we'll know when the time is right. It's not today, but it could be a year from now," he said.

Giffords, however, is still undergoing therapy -- two hours a day at home -- and trying to improve her speaking skills. Her hope, she writes in the last chapter of the book, is to speak more fluently. While doctors say she can comprehend everything going on around her, she still struggles to express what she wants to say.

"Better," she says in the interview, when asked what she wants more than anything right now. "Better. Better. Working hard."

Every day Giffords tackles new challenges, encouraged by the fact that Kelly will always be by her side.

When asked if there was one word Giffords would use to describe her husband, she told Sawyer it would be "brave."

"That's what I think of when I think of you, too," answered Kelly, a true partner in the road ahead.

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