George Huguely Trial: Yeardley Love's Injuries Could Be Signs of Smothering


The prosecution has alleged that the injuries are from his brawl with Love and the defense has said they were from a lacrosse game.

Today's proceedings have been tame compared to last week's emotionally charged testimony from family and friends of both Love and Huguely as well as the tape of Huguely's statements to police made hours after Love's lifeless body was discovered.

Huguely doubled over, put his hands over his face and cried in court on Friday as he watched a videotape of himself being grilled by police and being told that Love was dead.

"I have to tell you something," Det. Lisa Reeves tells Huguely after he had answered questions about the night's events. "She's dead. You killed her."

"She's dead? How is she dead?" Huguely asked repeatedly. "Please, please tell me she is not dead."

"George, I wish I could, but I can't do that. She's 22 year old and the life's gone out of her," Reeves said.

A panic-stricken Huguely then repeats over and over that he doesn't believe Love is dead, that he wants to see her and that he didn't murder her.

Prosecutors allege that an enraged Huguely allegedly kicked through the door of Love's bedroom the night she died and shook her, banging her head against the wall, before leaving her bleeding. A bloody Love was later found face-down on her bed by a roommate. Her face was covered in scrapes and bruises, according to a police warrant, and her right eye was swollen shut.

The defense has suggested that Love's death may have been caused by a fatal combination of Adderall and alcohol that could have stopped her heart and that jurors should consider Huguely's role in her death as involuntary manslaughter at the most.

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