See Good Samaritans Flip SUV to Save Teens in River

VIDEO: Bystanders Save Teens From Submerged
WATCH Good Samaritans Save Teens Trapped in Crashed SUV

Bystanders rushed to the aid of three teens who were trapped in an SUV that landed upside down in Utah's Jordan River, authorities said.

A teen driver, unable to hit the brakes hard enough at a red light, lost control of his parents' vehicle after allegedly speeding down the highway, officials say. The SUV plowed through the guard rails before landing in the river.

"I saw it. The vehicle exploded in front of me right there, just pieces and parts,” eyewitness Brian Adams told ABC News affiliate KTVX in Salt Lake City. β€œIt's like nothing you would see in your entire life.”

The good Samaritans immediately jumped into the river moments after the crash, managing to free two of the teens trapped inside the mangled car.

"Come on, everyone lift it! Come on get him out!" shouts the person who is filming the video.

With one teen still stuck in the SUV, more bystanders rushed down the precipice to lend a hand. Finally, more than a dozen men were able to flip the SUV right side up in a matter of seconds.

Police say the three teens are safe and now recovering thanks to the rescuers.

"We have three teenage boys that went to the hospital. It would have been entirely different if those people hadn't been here," Lt. Brian Burvis of the Salt Lake City Police Department told KTVX.

Police are conducting an investigation, according to KTVX. No charges have yet been filed.