HIV-Positive Boy Talks of Being Denied Entry to Hershey School


The Milton Hershey School was founded in 1909 by the chocolate magnate whose name it bears. The school was originally intended to house white male orphans, but now has a diverse student body hailing from all over the United States. Students must come from low-income families in order to be considered for admission.

Caplan said the case reminds him of Ryan White, the teenager who became the face of the AIDS virus in the 1980s after being kicked out of school for fear it would spead through everyday contact.

"I think they'll lose the lawsuit," he said. " So they better get ready to figure out how they're going to accept him."

For his part, the 13-year-old prospective student told ABC News: "As far as me still wanting to go to Milton Hershey I still do but I am now afraid to. I want them to apologize to me for making like I'm going to be a reckless teenager and put someone else in jeopardy. They should give me more credit than that.

"I don't feel like me anymore and there is no outcome for that," he added. "But if it will help others like me to NOT be discriminated against, I guess I could try to get over it one day. I don't know when, but one day. I'm 13 right now and still got a whole lot of life to live."

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