Jerry Sandusky Trial Hears Tales of Coerced Shower Sex

PHOTO: Jerry Sandusky

More than half of the boys allegedly sexually assaulted by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky have now testified and all have told of being shocked and shamed into silence by his aggressive attacks and most have broken down crying while reliving them.

This afternoon a man who is now 23 and identified as Victim 5 testified through tears of how of Sandusky allegedly leered at him in a shower and insisted on soaping him up. The man, who was almost 11 at the time, said he tried to squirm away, but the former coach held him tight with his erect penis on the boy's back.

"I went to the far end of the shower and stood under the shower head and tried to face the wall as much as I could. I kept looking over my shoulder and I saw that (Sandusky) was standing a few feet away from me and I felt uncomfortable, I felt like he was looking at me. I noticed his penis was enlarged, but I didn't understand the significance of it back then," he said.

"I noticed he started coming in my direction. He threw some soap at me and started lathering my shoulders. I crept forward a little bit more, as did he, and I felt his body on my back, and I kept lurching forward, but I didn't have anywhere more to go. I felt his penis on my back. I felt his arm move forward, he touched my… my genitalia, he took my hand and placed it on his penis," the man said.

Finally, Victim 5 was able to run out of the shower and dry himself off, he said. Neither Sandusky nor the boy said another word that night, and they never spoke again, the man said.

The witness was the fifth alleged victim to testify. Three of them have cried. At times, members of the jury have also been seen wiping away tears. And three more alleged victims are expected to be called to the stand.

Victim 5's tearful account came just ahead of another graphic description of alleged shower sex by Sandusky, as prosecutors successfully won the right to have two janitors from the Penn State football building testify about an assault their coworker witnessed.

Janitor Ronald Petrosky took the stand and quoted coworker Jim Calhoun's words: "Buck, I just witnessed something in there I'll never forget the rest of my life. That man that just left, he had that boy against the shower wall licking on his privates."

Calhoun, an elderly part-time janitor in the Penn State football building at the time, now has dementia and could not testify about the incident. Petrosky and coworker Jay Witherite worked with Calhoun the night of the alleged incident and testified about it.

"I started walking over to (clean) the shower and just about went in when I saw two sets of legs. I saw one set of hairy legs and one set of skinny legs. I just dropped the hose and went out in hall, figured I'd wait until whoever was in there came out," Petrosky said.

Petrosky said he waited outside in the hallway and saw Sandusky and a small boy exit the locker room, hair wet and carrying gym bags, and walk down the hall holding hands. When Petrosky went into the locker room, he encountered Calhoun.

"I could see he was upset, his face was white, his hands was trembling," Petrosky said. "I thought it was a medical condition. I said 'Jim what's wrong?'"

Petrosky fetched Witherite, a more senior staffer, who again asked Calhoun to describe what he had seen.

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